Monday, April 9, 2012

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2012 

not telling how much...
Grand Canal at Dusk

Quiet Mouse in Venice

Arched doorway of the Convent

The Convent. Nice!


working it

sad little mouse
on the way to the dance
UK showcase with John Shelley, Bridget Strevens -Marzo, Babette Cole, Lin Oliver
Kathleen Ahrens cracking up Lin Oliver
The International team! Chris Cheng, John Shelley, Bridget Strevens-Marzo, Kathleen Ahrens, Angela Cerrito, Lin Oliver with BIG knife (add your own speech bubble)
Danika Dinsmore, Julie Hedlund
Duel is ON! John Shelley, Bridget Strevens-Marzo, Barbara McClintock- Angela Cerrito
after the Duel...  Miri Lesham-Pelly

Elizabeth Dulemba's (Southern Breezer) work in Portfolio Display!

Happy to be here! Susan Eaddy, Elite-Avni Sharon, Miri Lesham-Pelly

sparkling clear day

For David

found myself humming Simon & Garfunkel's Old Friends

twilight time


Leaving Venice



  1. Wow! Such fun! I feel as if I've just journeyed with you on a marvelous adventure, in only a fraction of the time. Thank you for posting your experiences in such a delightful fashion. :-)

  2. Thanks Genetta! It was really a trip of a lifetime for me. can you imagine what it would take to put on THAT "conference"??!

  3. Wonderful. Incredible. I was totally entertained by your adventure!

    1. Thanks Meridth! I KNOW how crazy busy your life is & really appreciate you taking the time to read. SO glad you were entertained!

  4. That's it - you are officially THE coolest person I know!!! I want to go with you on your next adventure!!! :) e

    1. Now THAT would be fun!!! Let's go, Elizabeth!!!

  5. Bologna Fiera is wonderful. This year my illustrations went without me and did not even send a postcard. Thanks for taking us along.

    1. What?! They didn't even send you a postcard? They must have been busy working thefair...

  6. Wow, Susan, that was a fabulous read! Love your sketchbook notes. I so want to go. Let me know if you decide to go again.

  7. We should get together an illustrator group and have a foreign travel adaventure!

  8. Susan, I so enjoyed reading this wonderful journal of your trip -- thank you so much for posting it! Your descriptions, sketches and photos made me feel like I was there, too! I'm glad you were able to bring Quiet Mouse, and that he understood that things can get a bit bumpy while on such an adventure!

    P.S. May I be in the traveling illustrator group? :-)

  9. Thanks Kris! Quiet mouse was a nice companion, uncomplaining despite everything. The best kind of travel partner, but kind of hard to talk to. ("quiet") Now, an ILLUSTRATOR group... We would have tons to talk about, no need for silence, only patience and good humor! Absolutely, you should be part of the traveling illustrator group! Can you imagine how much fun we would all have?!

  10. Susan, I am SO glad we reconnected on Facebook and I got to see (and read) this lovely journal. Your words, drawings and photos go so well together. You should consider doing a travel guide this way - seriously!

    It was so wonderful meeting you in Bologna, and I am glad we can keep in touch for real now. :-)